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I was looking for graphics among my resources for a project when I bumped into this. :))

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 6:54pm

Mga Mandirigma sa Bayan ng Ur: MAHABA BABA (Peterata laban sa mga Hapones)

Ito ay isang epiko ng mga mandirigmang Peterata laban sa mga Hapones at mga…

I needed this back :)) ang dami kong tawa XD

it’s formal and prom season


kris’ hands are sweaty. he approaches you wearing full bball gear. you feel someone tap your shoulder. “yo girl,” he says “you dtf?” youre a lil bit horrified. “DOWN TO FORMAL?” he yells. his bball squad goes wild for his sick pun. 

"We already said there’s no separation. We’ll always and always be together. Thank you, each of you."
-Kris’s weibo update 7/15/2014 (via seouldown)